The electric conductivities of ZnCl 2 Urea melts were determined.The influences of temperature and concentration on the conductance have been studied.The cylic voltammetry,potentiostatic electrolysis and open circuit potential time curve after electrolysis,X ray diffraction were used to investigate the electroreduction of Zn 2+ , electrodeposition of zinc on some electrodes in urea metal chlorides melt. The conductivity of urea NaCl ZnCl 2 melt can reach to over 30 ms·cm -1 (125 ℃), and has a liner relationship with temperature from 108 to 140 ℃. The electroreduction of Zn 2+ to zinc is reversible at one step, and CuZn 5 alloy has been found on copper electrode. The diffusion coefficient of Zn 2+ in urea NaCl ZnCl 2 melt was determined as 1.3×10 -6 cm 2·s -1 (125 ℃).


ZnCl 2 urea melt, Conductivity, Electrodeposition

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