This report summarizes the electroless plating process of magnetic nickel and noncrystalline nickel for aluminium honeycomb shielded vent windows. The test results showed that the electroless nickel plating is bright in appearance, even in thickness, excellent in adhesion with aluminium substrate, good in conductivity, magnetism and corrosion resistance. Shielding efficiency obtained was 67~78 dB under 4 GHz~12 GHz frequency. Environmental reliability tests were made for 56 days under two environmental conditions, that is at 85 ℃ and 35 ℃, 95% relative humidity. The EMI shielding technical requirements of the electroless double nickel plating for aluminium honeycomb shielded vent windows of electric appliances, wave guides and shielded rooms have been met in practical use.


Electromagnetic shielding, Shielding coating, Electroless nickel, Aluminium honeycomb, Electroless plating, Shielded window, Shield

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