Corresponding Author

Xing-kang HUANG(xkhuang@126.com);
Yong YANG(yyang@xmu.edu.cn)


The Al-doped and Mg-doped LiCoMnO4 materials were synthesized through solid-state reaction. The effects of doping amounts of Mg and Al on the initial capacities, discharge plateaus, and cycle performances were investigated. The morphologies and structures of the as-prepared materials were studied by scanning electron microscopy and powder X-ray diffraction. The results indicate that the as-prepared samples were composed of uniform, well-crystallized particles. The pristine LiCoMnO4 possessed an initial capacity of 87.0 mAh·g-1, while LiCo0.98Mg0.02MnO4 and LiCo0.98Al0.02MnO4 delivered 91.3 and 93.6 mAh·g-1, respectively. The proper doping amount increased the capacity and the ratio of discharge plateau at 5 V, while over-doping decreased the discharge capacity of LiCoMnO4. In addition, Al doping significantly improved the cycle performance of LiCoMnO4, while no apparent influence with Mg doping.

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solid state reaction, spinel LiCoMnO4, Mg-doped, Al-doped, lithium-ion battery, cathode material

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