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Chuan-ling MEN(wancxyr@gmail.com)


In this work, the graphene-ZnO nanocomposite was successfully synthesized through a one-step solvothermal approach, using ethylene glycol as the solvent and reducing agent. The ZnO particles could be attached to the surfaces and edges of graphene sheet. The electrochemical performance of the nanocomposite was investigated by performing cyclic voltammetry, A.C. impedance and chronopotentiometry tests in 6 mol·L-1 KOH. The results showed that the graphene-ZnO nanocomposite exhibited a nice electrochemical specific capacitance of 115 F·g-1 determined in cyclic voltammetry test, or 71 F·g-1 evaluated in chronopotentiometry test and good reversible charge/discharge behavior.

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graphene, ZnO, supercapacitors, nanocomposite, cyclic voltammetry

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