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Jun YANG(yangj723@sjtu.edu.cn)


A phenolated-based Mg salt was prepared. The mixture of THF and N-methyl-N-butyl-piperidinium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide (PP14TFSI) serves as the mixed solvent instead of pure THF for rechargeable Mg batteries systems. This new type of electrolyte system not only has optimal reversibility of Mg, but also owns a wide electrochemical window (2.7 V vs. Mg) and high ionic conductivity (7.77 mS·cm-1). More importantly, the addition of Ionic Liquid suppresses the volatility of THF and improves the safety of rechargeable Mg batteries. The result shows that the mixture of THF and piperidyl-based Ionic Liquid could be regarded as a good solvent candidate for rechargeable Mg batteries.

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phenolate-based Mg salt, PP14TFSI, rechargeable Mg batteries, mixed solvents, electrolyte

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