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Yan-xia CHEN(yachen@ustc.edu.cn)


Rotating disk electrode system is mainly used to study the kinetics of reactions whose reactants have very low solubility in the electrolyte. For an irreversible reaction, Koutecky-Levich equation (K-L Eq.) is frequently used to deduce the kinetic current ik). Since K-L Eq. is derived based on the assumption that a system should conform the steady-state diffusion conditions, the data recoded from the actual system which deviates from such a condition, great error may be induced for the ik estimated. In this work, polarization curves for oxygen reduction reaction at polycrystalline Pt electrode recorded in solutions with various O2 concentrations and under various electrode rotation speeds have been analyzed systematically. Our analysis reveals that an error of 30% may be introduced by extrapolation to infinite rotation speed in solution with low O2 concentration or by including the data recorded under very slow electrode rotation speeds. The origins of the error and the ways to avoid such error are discussed.

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gas electrode reaction, rotating disk electrode, Koutecky-Levich equation, diffusion, mmass transport, oxygen reduction reaction

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