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Chun-an MA(science@zjut.edu.cn)


The interactions between four Imidazole ionic liquids (EMIMBF4, BMIMBF4, BMIMHSO4, BMIMAc) and p-methoxy toluene were investigated by ultraviolet spectroscopy. The red shifts of absorption peak were obviously observed, and the fine structures of the spectroscopy were disappeared on the long wave district. p-MT producing stable excited state was benefit from the interaction with solvent molecules. The electro-oxidation behavious of p-MT were studied in the four ILs on platinum electrode by cyclic voltammetry (CV) and chronoamperometry (CP), and the diffusion coefficients (D) and activation energies (ED) were calculated. The results indicated that the electro-oxidation process of p-MT was irreversible and controlled by diffusion. The diffusion coefficient of p-MT and the selectivity of electrolytic product were maximum in EMIMBF4 compared to other ionic liquids.

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ionic liquids, p-methoxy toluene, ultraviolet spectroscopy, electro-oxidation

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