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Ling HUANG(huangl@xmu.edu.cn)


In this paper, four types of titanium based metal oxides electrodes were prepared by thermal decomposition method: Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3, Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/SnO2+IrO2, Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/SnO2+RuO2, Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/SnO2+CeO2. The XRD results show that CeO2 in Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/SnO2+CeO2 displayed a good crystal structure, and there was no significant oxygen evolution reaction occurred after electrolytic oxidation. Compared with the other three electrodes, the Ce-doped electrode exhibited the best electro-catalytic activity: the degradation of the simulated wastewater with high concentration (500 mg·L-1) was 180 mg·L-1, and the degradation efficiency was up to 64%.

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ammonia nitrogen, electrochemical oxidation, Ti-based electrode

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