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Song-qin LIU(liusq@seu.edu.cn)


The process of drug metabolism plays an important role in drug efficacy and toxicity in vivo. Thus, the development of cheap, continent, rapid and high-throughput method for drug metabolism studies has great guiding significance for the design of new drugs, the determination of drug dosage and the detection of clinical drugs. Since the key role played by Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) in phase-I drug reaction, the constructed CYP450 enzyme biosensor can be used for the initial screening of drugs. It is found that the replacement of coenzyme NADPH with an electrode is to provide two electrons demanded in the catalytic reaction. Furthermore, the assembly methods and electrode materials have a close relationship with the detection performance of the constructed CYP450 biosensors. In this review, the construction methods of CYP450 electrochemical biosensor and their applications in drug metabolism are summarized. Particularly, future study and prospect of development are envisioned.

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cytochrome p450, drug metabolism, electrochemistry, biosensors, assembly methods

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