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Hao ZHANG(dr.h.zhang@hotmail.com)


The layered carbon materials (similar to graphene) have been synthesized by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on the cheap catalyst (potassium or sodium carbonate substrate). The layered-carbon- lead sulfate (PbSO4) composite could be prepared by in situ chemical deposition based on the layered carbon. The XRD, SEM and TEM results showed that the layered carbon materials was amorphous carbon layer, and the composite was a compound made of fine lead sulfate grains and layered carbon. Thermogravimetric analysis determined the carbon content in the composite. Adding a certain amount of layered carbon or layered-carbon-PbSO4 composite into negative active materials of lead acid batteries, the specific capacitance and cycle performance of the batteries were significantly enhanced. The decrease in the electrochemical reaction resistance, the reduced polarization and the inhibition of sulfation, which are supported by EIS curves, charge/discharge curves and SEM images, might be responsible for the improved performance.

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lead-acid battery, negative active materials, layered carban, layered-carbon-PbSO4 composite

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