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Zhen-hai LIANG(liangzhenhai@tyut.edu.cn)


A new method of electrocatalytic synthesis oxalic acid from acetylene was explored and the synthesized oxalic acid was characterized by Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry (Uv-vis) and Infrared spectroscopy (IR). First-principles calculations were carried out to examine the adsorption of acetylene over the Pt(111) surface. The electrocatalytic oxidation behavior of acetylene has been investigated on a Pt electrode by cyclic voltammetry (CV) and steady-state polarization in Na2SO4 solution. The formation mechanism of oxalic acid in the Na2SO4 solution was proposed and the transfer coefficients of the reaction were calculated. The results show that acetylene molecule tends to adsorb through the threefold parallel-bridge configuration that is computed to be the most stable because of its lowest adsorption energy. is the rate-determining step during the electrolysis process. The rate of this step obtained from the assumed process agrees well with that from the experiment.

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acetylene, oxalic acid, cyclic voltammetry, electrocatalytic mechanism, first-principles, rate-determining step

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