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Chun-yan WANG(wangcy@ciac.ac.cn)


We developed a new method for electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) based on boronate oxidation of p-hydroxyphenylboronic acid. This method using p-aminophenol which is produced from the reaction of H2O2 and p-aminophenylboronic acid as a well electrochemical probe, combined with a gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) modified electrode for an indirect detection of H2O2. Because of the large surface area and enhanced electrocatalytic behavior by the AuNPs modified electrode, the detection sensitivity was improved. The method could detect H2O2 in the concentration range of 1 ~ 100 μmol•L-1 and 0.1 ~ 1 mmol•L-1 in 0.1 mol•L-1 pH 7.5 PBS containing 1.0 mmol•L-1 p-hydroxyphenylboronic acid. The low detection limit was 0.5 μmol•L-1. The proposed method had good selectivity and stability. Moreover, the method was quick, simple and cheap, which has potential application in real samples analysis.

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p-Hydroxyphenylboronic acid, hydrogen peroxide, gold nanoparticles, electrochemical detection

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