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CHEN Ping(chenping-fs@sohu.com)


The p-sulfophenylazo calix[4]arene was synthesized through the diazotization-coupling reaction between calix[4]arene and p-aminobenzene sulfonic acid. The UV-Vis spectroscopy, Infrared spectroscopy, and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) were used to characterize the as-prepared p-sulfophenylazo calix[4]arene. The electrochemical behaviors of p-sulfophenylazo calix[4]arene were investigated by cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry using CH3COOH-CH3COONa as a buffer solution. The result shows that the p-sulfophenylazo calix[4]arene exhibited a pair of redox peaks in a scan potential region of -0.5 ~ 1 V. The oxidation and reduction peak potentials were 0.302 V and -0.003 V, respectively, and changed with the scanning rates. In addition, the electrode reaction was studied by various electrochemical methods, and the kinetic parameters have also been obtained. The activation energy was found to be 14.84 kJ•mol-1.

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sulfophenylazo calix[4]arene, cyclic voltammetry, glassy carbon electrode, electrochemical behavior

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