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Yan-zhuo LV(lvyanzhuo@hrbeu.edu.cn)


The effect of flame retardant on the electrochemical performances of lithium ion battery by using LiNi0.4Co0.2Mn0.4O2 as a positive material was studied by measuring the first charge-discharge, cycling, circulation, and AC impedance curves. The experimental data indicated that the discharge capacity of the battery decreased, while the charge transfer resistance and the lithium ion diffusion resistance increased with the increases in the concentrations of the flame retardant in the electrolyte solutions. Furthermore, the stability of the battery at small discharge ratios and the cyclic performance were also improved by the addition of flame retardant. The capacitance retention values went up from 89% without the addition of flame retardant to 94.21% with the addition of 10% flame retardant at the discharge ratio of 0.5C, from 92.22% to 93.01% at 1C, and from 87.92% to 92.16% at 2C. The best cycle stability of the battery was achieved with the addition of 10% flame retardant.

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Lithium ion battery; LiNi0.4Co0.2Mn0.4O2, electrolyte solution, flame retardant, electrochemical performances

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