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Zi-dong WEI(zdwei@cqu.edu.cn)


“Zhong Yong” represents a traditional Chinese wisdom, which was first proposed by Confucius and continuously richened by his followers. “Zhong Yong” pursues the balances among all kinds of contradictions, and insists that neither “too much” nor “not enough” is good. For a successful catalyst, on which the adsorption of reactants must be not so strong and not so weak either. On this point of view, there are the same pursuits for “Zhong Yong” and catalysis. In this paper, the author starts his story with a conversation between Confucius and his student, followed by 3 interesting stories happening in the ancient China, and then 3 examples in catalysis. In comparison with these stories and examples we can conclude that “Zhong Yong” and catalysis do share some common aesthetic standard. Doing catalysis with a taste of “Zhong Yong” must be very interesting and wonderful.

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catalysis, adsorption, desorption, Zhong Yong, Confucius.

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