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Gao-Ren Li(ligaoren@mail.sysu.edu.cn)


The reduced graphese oxide (RGO) hollow network cages were synthesized via zinc oxide (ZnO) template-assisted electrodeposition. The as-prepared RGO hollow network cages exhibited the multi-level architectures, from nano sheets, porous structures, networks, to 3D microscaled hollow cages, which can simultaneously optimize transport of electroactive species, utilization rate of electrode material, and super capacitive performance. Electrochemical measurements confirmed the superior performance of RGO hollow network cages for supercapacitors (SCs), such as high Csp (393 F•g-1 at 1.0 A•g-11), excellent rate capability (21.2% Csp loss from 1.0 to 20 A•g-1), and superior cycling stability (< 1% Csp loss after 10000 cycles).

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reduced graphene oxide, porous structure, nanotube, supercapacitor

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