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Yong-gang WANG(ygwang@fudan.edu.cn)


Lithium-sulfur batteries have recently attracted worldwide attention due to the high specific theoretical energy density of sulfur cathode (2600 Wh•kg-1), low cost and wide availability of sulfur. However, the practical application of lithium-sulfur batteries has been hindered by several challenges, such as the shuttling of polysulfide intermediates, the large volume expansion of sulfur during charge/discharge and the dendrites formation on lithium anode. Foremost among these is the shuttling effect arising from the dissolution of lithium polysulfides intermediate into the electrolyte from the cathode reaction and their diffusion to the anode where they react with metal lithium to form lower-ordered lithium sulfides that then return to the cathode, which results in the poor cycling stability and severe self-discharge. This review summarizes the recent research advances in the sulfur cathode, battery structures, electrolytes and lithium sulfide cathode to mitigate the shuttling effect of lithium polysulfides. The possible solutions proposed by our groups to mitigate the shuttling effect are introduced from the aspects of sulfur cathode, design of composite Celgard, electrolytes and lithium sulfide (Li2S) cathode. Finally, perspectives and future developments of lithium-sulfur batteries are pointed out based on our previous studies and experiences.

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