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Bing-wei MAO(bwmao@xmu.edu.cn)


Interfacial electrochemistry is an area of electrochemical science featuring investigations on structures and properties of electrode-electrolyte interfaces at which diverse electrode processes take place. With rapid development of energy sciences, understanding the roles of complex electrochemical interfaces in energy electrochemical processes becomes increasingly important, while development and employment of in-situ and ex-situ techniques to characterize the interfacial structure and property, as well as their correlation are indispensible. This special issue emphasizes on lithium-based batteries, electrocatalysis and ionic liquid electrochemistry, and comprises nine papers, including seven research articles and two review articles, which reflect the latest progresses in fundamental and applied researches, and provide reviews on the problems, challenges and solution strategies in energy electrochemistry. It is hoped that the publication of this special issue will promote further development of electrochemistry in our country. Herein, sincere thanks are extended to all the authors for their contributions and great support to the special issue. Heartfelt thanks also go to the reviewers and editorial staff for their efforts in processing and publication of the issue.

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