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Yan-zhuo LV(lvyanzhuo@hrbeu.edu.cn)


The 5 Ah soft packed lithium ion batteries with LiNi 0.4Co0.2Mn0.4 O2 as the positive electrode material and the organic electrolytes with different amounts of fire retardants as the electrolyte solution were prepared. The effects of the fire retardant amount (5 %,10 %,20 %) of the fire retardants on the rate performances, short-circuit characteristics and overcharged behaviors of the 5 Ah soft packed lithium ion battery were investigated by electrochemical methods. The results indicated that the best rate performances were obtained by adding 5 vol.% of the fire retardants in the electrolyte solution when the battery was discharged at 1C and 2C. The battery had the lowest surface temperature with 20 vol.% of fire retardant in the electrolyte solution when it was over-charged. The batteries could not catch fire and explode when the battery were short-circuited.

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soft-packaged lithium ion battery, fire retardant, safety performances, rate performances, over-charge.

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