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Fang-zu YANG(fzyang@xmu.edu.cn)


Abstract: The linear sweep voltammetry, cyclic voltammetry and potential step methods were used to study the electrodeposition mechanism of Invar nickel-iron alloy (the mass fraction of nickel was 32~36%) on glassy carbon electrode surface in the weak acidic bath. The results demonstrate that the electrodeposition is was a diffusion controlled irreversible electrode process in this system. The Scharifker-Hill (SH) theory theoritic model (SH) were was used employed to fitting the experimental data and the result shows that the codeposition of Invar alloy on glassy carbon electrode surface conformed to the diffusion controlled three-dimensional instantaneous nucleation mechanism. The kinetic parameters were obtained by the Heerman-Tarallo (HT) theory theoretic model (HT). When the step potential shifted from -1.11 V to -1.17 V, the active nucleation sites density (N0) increased from 0.72×105 cm-2 to 1.91 ×105 cm-2. The nucleation rate constant (A) raised from 40.35 s-1 to 194.38 s-1 and the diffusion coefficient (D) was(7.67±0.15)×10-5 cm2•s-1, remaining basically constant.

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invar alloy, electrocrystallization, nucleation mechanism, cyclic voltammetry, potential step

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