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Qiao-li LIN(lqllinqiaoli@163.com)


The phenomena of the electric current induced flow and electrocapillary deformation for a liquid Wood alloy in a NaOH electrolyte were studied. Electrocapillary behaviors for the liquid Wood alloy in NaOH electrolytes by applying external low voltages were investigated. The electrode reaction (redox reaction) induced the formation or removing removal of an oxide film, and further caused the drop deformation by decreasing or increasing an interfacial tension. The same polar charge in the electric double layer would also decrease the interfacial tension. In order to maintain the stability of system, the contact area of the interface would be expanded, and which induced induces the drop deformation macroscopically. When the liquid metal was charged by the chemical reaction in the solution, the electric field force is became an effective way to drive its movement in the electrolyte.

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Capillarity, Spreading dynamics, Surface tension

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