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Dong-qing WU(wudongqing@sjtu.edu.cn)


Due to the good electrical conductivity, high specific surface area, and excellent chemical/mechanical stability, carbon nanomaterials with two-dimensional morphology have gradually become the hot topic of the research on supercapacitors. Herein, we report for the first time the fabrication of nitrogen doped carbon sheets (NCSs). In our approach, the sheet-like magnisum aluminum (MgAl) layered double hydroxide was used as the hard template, which was mixed with o-phenylene diamine and iron chloride. The following thermal treatment could render the polymerization and carbonization of o-phenylene diamine. The NCSs with ordered hexagonal architectures were formed by final etching process of the thermally treated mixture. The morphology, structure, graphitic degree, nitrogen content and surface area of the as-prepared NCSs could be adjusted by the temperatures of the thermal treatment. More importantly, the NCSs exhibited outstanding electrochemical performances as the electrode materials in supercapacitors. Among the NCSs, the sample obtained from 600 oC (NCS-600) achieved a capacity of 290.0 F·g-1 at a current density of 0.5 A·g-1. After 10,000 cycles at 1 A·g-1, the NCS-600 still retained 83% of its initial capacity, indicating high cycling stability.

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two-dimensional materials, nanocarbon materials, nitrogen doped carbon sheets, template induced method, supercapacitor

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