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It is extremely important for battery performance and safety in Zn-Br flow battery to use quaternary ammonium salts as complex agents for bromine. In this work, the effects of electrolyte compositions and concentrations on the electrode reactions and battery performances were studied in the absence and presences of N-methyl-N-ethyl-pyrrolidinium bromide (MEP) or N-methyl-N-butyl-pyrrolidinium bromide (MBP). The conductivities in the electrolytes containing different constitutions and concentrations were measured by EIS method. The charge-discharge performance for the battery and the complex ability for bromine in different electrolytes were also investigated. The results showed that the electrolyte containing MBP was better than that containing MEP for the battery performance and bromine complex ability.

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quaternary ammonium salt, MEP;MBP, Zn-Br flow batteries, bromine complex

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