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Qun-jie XU(xuqunjie@shiep.edu.cn)


Superhydrophobic film formed on a metal surface is an effective way for corrosion protection. In this paper, the superhydrophobic film was prepared on the surfaces of aluminum alloy by hydrothermally treating with a solution containing CeCl3·7H2O and CO(NH2)2 , and a self-assemble process. The electrochemical measurements and surface morphology results confirmed that the best superhydrophobicity and electrochemical performance could be achieved with the contact angle of 155.5o after six hours of hydrothermal reaction. Furthermore, the inhibition efficiency of 99.6% was obtained in 3.5 wt% NaCl aqueous solution, indicating the excellent corrosion resistance of superhydrophobic film.

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superhydrophobic, aluminum, electrochemistry, corrosion inhibition, hydrothermal method

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