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Xin LUO(mrluo0317@163.com)


The COMSOL software was used to analyze the output performances in proton exchange membrane fuel cell(PEMFC) under three kinds of flow fields. Under the same operating conditions, the performance differences among single serpentine flow field, interdigitated flow field and mixed flow field are compared, and the causes of the differences in the output performances of PEMFC under three kinds of flow fields were analyzed. The simulation results showed that the output performance of the mixed flow field was the best, the output performance of the interdigitated flow field the second and the output performance of single serpentine flow field the worst. In addition, the drainability capacity of the mixed flow field was the best, and the oxygen concentration distribution was the most uniform. The mixed flow field exhibited minimun oxygen concentration difference between inlet and outlet. The simulation results have provieded an important guiding significance in the optimization of the structure and design of PEMFC.

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interdigitated flow field, single serpentine flow field, water management, oxygen concentration difference

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