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Ying GAO(yinggao9999@163.com)


The polyaniline-carbon (PAnC) electrode was prepared by the polymerization of aniline monomer and activated carbon in ice water bath, and followed by chemical deposition of manganese dioxide MnO2-PAnC composite material. The specific capacitance of MnO2-PAnC reached 459 F•g-1. The cyclic voltammetric results showed a small deformation in the voltammogram curve obtained with the MnO2-PAnC electrode at high scan rate, indicating good reversibility and capacitive properties. The AC impedance results revealed that the MnO2-PAnC electrode displayed the smallest charge transfer resistance and the fastest diffusion
rate of surface ions than other two materials of MnO2 and MnO2-C. After 500 cycles of charging and discharging processes, the capacitance retention rate of MnO2-PAnC was still higher than 60%. The MnO2-PAnC is promising as a good electrode material for supercapacitors.

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manganese oxide, polyaniline, active carbon, electrode material, supercapacitor

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