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Qi YANG(qiyang@163.com)


The molybdenum dioxide-carbon(MoO2-C)composite coatings on the surface of Cu foils were prepared by simple knife coating route and followed by sintering in vacuum. The morphology, composition, structure and electrochemical performance of the MoO2-C composite coatings were investigated. The results demonstrated that the MoO2-C composite coatings consist of MoO2 nano-particles with monoclinic crystal structure and amorphous carbon. Some MoO2 nano-particles with a size range of 5-30nm were loaded on the surface of carbon matrices; while some MoO2 nano-particles with a size of ~5nm were encapsulated inside. The composite coatings showed porous structure with the pore size ranging 1~3nm. The composite coatings attached firmly on the surface of Cu foils without any cracks accurred at their interface. The Cu-supported MoO2-C composite coatings delivered high capacity and good cyclic performance with a capacity of 814 mAh·g-1 at a current density of 100mA·g-1 after 100 cycles without apparent capacity fading during cycling, and good rate performance with a capacity of 188mAh·g-1 even at a high current density of 5000mA·g-1.

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molybdenum dioxide, carbon based composite, coating, anode materials, electrochemical performance

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