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Li-feng DING(happydlf@163.com)


During processes of metal electrodepostion, there exist many complex morphological forms such as dendritic growing in the cathode deposited metal edge, which will seriously affect the quality of the electrodeposited product and current efficiency during machining. Investigations on dendritic crystal growing process and morphology could help controlling growth of electrolysis precipitate. In this work, Python and Matlab softwares were used, and the model of parallel electrode electrodeposition was established based on the diffusion-limited aggregation (DLA) model. By analyzing the law of fractal growth at different conditions of the particles number, probability, electrode spacing, the movement step length and orientation drift, and the inner link between simulation parameters and practical factors that affect fractal growth of electrodeposition, it was found that the simulation results can match the actual parameters by controlling the simulation parameters such as particles number, wire electrode spacing, movement step length and orientation drift probability. The inner connection between simulated parameters and actual electrodeposition factors is discussed. Finally, the specific electrodeposition experiments can be simulated by changing the computer variables, which is controllable and crucial to applying the fractal growth to industry electrolysis.

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wire electrode, fractal growth, electrodeposition, fractal dimension

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