Corresponding Author

Ming-sen ZHENG(mszheng@xmu.edu.cn);
Quan-feng DONG(qfdong@xmu.edu.cn)


Metal–organic framework(MOF) is a kind of novel electrode materials for lithium ion batteries. Here, a composite material Co3(HCOO)6@rGO was synthesized for the first time by in situ loading of Co3(HCOO)6 on rGO (reduced oxide graphene) through a solution chemistry method. As an anode material for lithium ion batteries, it exhibited an excellent cycle stability as well as a large reversible capacity of 926 mAh·g-1 at a current density of 500 mA·g-1 after 100 cycles within the voltage range of 0.02 ~ 3.0 V vs. Li/Li+ with a good rate capability. The results of cyclic voltammetry and XPS measurements revealed that both Co2+ and formate ions in Co3(HCOO)6@rGO uderwent reversible electrochemical reactions during the charge and discharge process. Compared with Co3(HCOO)6 synthesized through the same method, it was found that rGO could activate the electrochemical reaction of formate ion, which improved the Co3(HCOO)6 rate performance.A new route was demonstrated through this work to enhance the specific capacity and rate capability of MOFs by introducing rGO.

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Co3(HCOO)6@rGO; Co3(HCOO)6, formate ion, anode, lithium ion batteries

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