Corresponding Author

Ming HAN(minghan@tp.edu.sg);
Xue-xia ZHANG(survival_zxx@sina.com )


In this work, the self-adaptive characteristics of self-humidifying air-cooled PEMFC stack was investigated. The performance and the unit-cell voltage distribution of the stack were measured and analyzed through the unit-cell I-V curve fitting. The operating conditions for this experimental study were set as follows: hydrogen pressure at the anode was 2 bar, the fan power used for the reactant oxygen feed and stack cooling was at 0.3 W, and the duration and time gap of water purged from hydrogen chamber were 1 s and 10 s, respectively. The experimental results showed that the self-humidifying air-cooled PEMFC stack used for this work could be in stable operation with a certain fan power, e.g., 0.3 W, at self-adaptive mode without the requirement of external control circuit. The unit voltage distribution of the air-cooled PEMFC stack was highly affected by the load current. Under the operation with higher current density, the unit-cell voltage distribution of the stack was less uniform due to the difference in the internal resistance of the unit-cells and the excessive temperature existed in the stack. Based on the data analyses, an approximate exponential relationship was found between the voltage fluctuation rate and the load current density.

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air cooled PEMFC, I-V curve, voltage distribution

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