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Bing-an LU(luba2012@hnu.edu.cn)


Three-dimensional (3D) graphene combinations with the excellent intrinsic properties of graphene and the 3D micro/nano porous structures provide a graphene foam with high specific surface area, excellent mechanical strength and fast electron and mass transports. The 3D graphene foam and its composite nanomaterials are widely used in the fields of nano-electronics, energy storage, chemical and biological sensing. The 3D graphene foam prepared by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method is of high purity and crystallinity. In this review, a brief overview in the CVD preparations of 3D graphene and properties of CVD prepared 3D graphene based nanomaterials in electrochemical energy storage systems (aluminum battery, lithium-ion battery, lithium-sulfur battery, sodium-ion battery, metal-air battery and supercapacitor) is given. Recent progresses and possible future applications in CVD prepared 3D graphene based nanomaterials are also reviewed and highlighted.

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three-dimensional graphene, aluminum battery, lithium-ion battery, lithium-sulfur battery, sodium-ion battery, metal-air battery, supercapacitor

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