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Hai-xia LI(lihaixia@nankai.edu.cn)


In order to improve the electrochemical properties of vanadium disulfide (VS2) as an electrode material in Li-ion battery, the flower-like VS2 was prepared by a one-step hydrothermal method with the addition of polyethylene glycol 400. The phase and morphology of the product were characterized by using X-ray diffraction and field emission scanning electron microscopy. During the growth process, it was observed that the flower-like VS2 was interspersed with several hexagonal vanadium disulfide nanosheets, which had a high specific surface area and excellent structural stability. The flower-like VS2 was used for the cathode material test in lithium ion batteries. The results showed that the spheroidal VS2 had excellent cycle stability at a voltage range of 1 ~ 3 V and current density of 200 mA·g-1, while after 50 cycles the discharge capacity was 450 mAh·g-1.

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vanadium disulfide, surfactant, self-assembly, lithium-ion batteries

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