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Jian-shan YE(jsye@scut.edu.cn)


In this work, a novel electrode substrate with graphene-like surface and CuxO nanocomposites derived from secondary-laser-etched polyimide (SLEPI) film was synthesized and applied in non-enzymatic glucose detection for the first time. Characterizations indicate that the as-prepared SLEPI/CuxO film electrode (SLEPI/CuxO-FE) possessed huge surface area, plentiful active sites and excellent electrocatalytic performance. The obtained sensor exhibited the high sensitivity and selectivity for glucose determination with a linear range of 0.05 mmol·L-1 to 3 mmol·L-1 and a detection limit of 1.72 μmol·L-1 (S/N=3), which provides a simple, flexible and low-cost electrochemical sensor for diabetes diagnosis.

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electrochemical sensor, laser-etched, polyimide, CuxO nanocomposite, glucose, non-enzymatic

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