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Juan YANG(yangjuan@licp.cas.cn)


In this paper, improving the surface morphology of graphene(GNSs) as designed concept. we describe a MnO/porous-graphene(MnO-PGNSs) was synthesized by a simple site-localized Mn2+ on GO (Mn-GO) by charge adsorption and then driving by high-temperature calcination, growing MnO nanoparticles and etching GNSs achieved on step. And Then focus on the key factors of influenced the etch hole formation are analyzed, founded the dispersion of Mn-GO; layer number of GO and calcination temperature also affected the formation of holes. In addition, the MnO-PGNSs as lithium-air battery cathode exhibits high reversible capacity compared with GNSs and PGNs and it is able to deliver storage capacity as high as 5100 mAh·g-1 at 50 mA·g-1.

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GO, MnO, MnO-PGNSs, lithium-air battery

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