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Feng-xiang YIN(yinfx@cczu.edu.cn)


The Ni-Fe/Ti oxygen evolution electrode was prepared by electrodeposition on a titanium mesh substrate. Then, the as prepared Ni-Fe/Ti electrode was used to derive the Ni-Fe-S/Ti hydrogen evolution electrode through solid phase sulfuration. The effects of the molar ratio of Ni 2+ to Fe 3+ in the electrolyte and the amount of thiourea on the structures and electrochemical performances of Ni-Fe/Ti and Ni-Fe-S/Ti electrodes were investigated. The results show that the oxygen evolution performance of Ni-Fe/Ti electrode was first increased and then decreased with the increase of nickel ion content in the electrolyte. The Ni9Fe1/Ti electrode exhibited the best oxygen evolution performance. With the increase of thiourea addition, the hydrogen evolution performance of Ni-Fe-S/Ti electrode was increased firstly and then decreased. The Ni9Fe1S0.25/Ti electrode showed the best hydrogen evolution performance. To achieve a current density of 50 mA·cm -2, an overpotential of 280 mV was required for oxygen evolution reaction (OER) with the Ni9Fe1/Ti electrode, while 269 mV for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) with the Ni9Fe1S0.25/Ti electrode, both with good stabilities. Accordingly, the Ni9Fe1/Ti and Ni9Fe1S0.25/Ti electrode were used as anodes and cathodes, respectively, for overall water splitting tests. The current density of 50 mA·cm -2 was achieved at a voltage of 1.69 V, showing the good catalytic performance of overall water splitting.

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nickel-iron hydroxide, nickel-iron sulfide, oxygen evolution reaction, hydrogen evolution reaction, overall water splitting

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