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Rui-li LIU(ruililiu@sjtu.edu.cn)


Flexible biosensors have received intensive attentions for their potential applications in wearable electronics. To obtain flexible electrochemical dopamine (DA) sensors, the ordered mesoporous carbon/graphene/nickel foam (OMC/G/Ni) composite was fabricated in this work via the growth of graphene on Ni foam by chemical vapor deposition, and the formation of the OMC layer followed by the carbonization of co-assembled resol and block polymer., The monolithic Ni foam in the resultant OMC/G/Ni electrode provided an interconnected metal framework with high conductivity and good flexibility, while the OMC layer with the vertically aligned mesopore arrays rendered the composite a large electroactive surface with highly exposed active sites. More importantly, the graphene sandwiched between the OMC layer and Ni foam greatly enhanced the compatibility of each component. As the integrated electrode in DA sensor, the OMC/G/Ni electrode exhibited excellent performances with a large linear detection range (0.05 ~ 58.75 μmol·L-1), an ultra-low detection limit (0.019 μmol·L-1), high selectivity, good reproducibility and high stability, outperforming the recently reported flexible DA sensors. Moreover, the OMC/G/Ni electrode still kept the good DA sensing behavior at its bent states, demonstrating its potential for flexible biosensors.

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ordered mesoporous carbon, graphene, nickel foam, dopamine sensor, flexible electrochemical sensor

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