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Jian-xin LI(jxli@tjpu.edu.cn)


Cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol (KA oil) obtained from highly selective oxidation of cyclohexane (CHA) show important industrial value and application prospects. In this work, the intermittent electrodeposition was developed to prepare nano-MnOx catalyst loading porous tubular titanium membrane electrode (MnOx/Ti), which was employed to constitute an electro-catalytic membrane reactor (ECMR) for the oxidation of cyclohexane to produce cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone. The surface morphology, crystal structure and electrochemical property of the catalysts were characterized by FESEM, XRD and electrochemical workstation, respectively. The results show that the catalyst prepared by the intermittent electrodeposition displayed nano-flower-like γ-MnO2. Compared with titanium membrane, the MnOx/Ti electrocatalytic membrane exhibited better electrochemical performance and mass transfer performance. Furthermore, the ECMR was constructed by using the MnOx/Ti electrocatalytic membrane as the anode and the stainless steel mesh as the cathode. When the initial concentration of cyclohexane was 30 mmol·L-1, the reaction temperature was 30oC, the residence time was 34.3 min and the current density was 2.3 mA·cm-2. The cyclohexane conversion rate reached 25.6% and the total selectivity of KA oil exceeded 99%. Simultaneously, the ECMR with MnOx/Ti electrode showed a good stability during the oxidation of cyclohexane.

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intermittent electrodeposition, MnOx/Ti electrocatalytic membrane, electrocatalytic membrane reactor, cyclohexane oxidation, cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone

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