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Kai WU(WuK@catlbattery.com)


Lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries represent promising candidates for next-generation energy storage system due to their high energy density and low material cost. However, the industrial application of Li-S batteries remains challenges because of the shuttle effect from lithium polysulfides and the lack of facial routes for Li-S battery preparation. To solve these problems, a cathode consisting of different commercial carbon materials, namely, acetylene black (SP), Ketjen Black (KB) and carbon nanotube (CNT), with sulfur (S) is prepared separately for Li-S battery. After the process of 8-h ball milling for KB/S composite, together with the polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) binder, the cathode could be controlled to yield large thickness (500 μm) and high tap density (991.65 mg·cm -3). Accordingly, the as-prepared Li-S pouch cell showed a high electrochemical performance with the discharge capacity up to 137.4 mA·h at the first cycle and the capacity retention up to 84% at the 10th cycle. Over all, we adopt a simple method to solve the serious and challenging problems from the perspective of industrialization in Li-S batteries. The advantages of this simple preparation technology include the optimized formula and process of positive electrode, the easily available component in industry, and the potential mass production. Furthermore, the most suitable electrode could be used to assemble Li-S pouch cell with high surface loading and high capacity. It would shed light on future development of high performance cathode in Li-S batteries, as well as other energy storage systems.

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high energy density, Li-S battery, carbon/sulfur composite material, thick coating

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