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Dong-Ping Zhan(dpzhan@xmu.edu.cn)


Electrochemistry is the science on the conversion between chemical energy and electric energy, which is realized by the structure change of the electrified surface and interface, and/or the surface and interfacial charge transfer reactions. Taking the electrochemical energy devices as example, the former is the supercapacitor where the energy storage and release are performed by the structure change of the electric double layer; the latter is the battery where the energy storage and release are performed by the redox reaction of the electrode active materials. When investigating an electrochemical system, we have to pay attentions to two issues: the surface and interfacial structures and the charge transfer reactions wherein, and the former has crucial effects on the properties of the latter. Thus, the design and construct of electrode surface and interface are essential in electrochemical experiments, including the preparation and characterization of electrode, the modification and assembly of composite electrode, the choice and optimization of solvent and supporting electrolyte, the experimental environment, etc. The purpose of this paper is to give introductions on the preparations of electrochemical experiments and to help the juniors to judge the quality of experimental data. This would be helpful for the improvements of data reliability and work efficiency.

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electrochemical experiment, experimental preparation, electrode pretreatment, electrode chracterization

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