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In china, the production of ammonium persulfate in factories mostly adopts the electrolysis method with simple process and high purity. However, there exists the problem of high energy consumption in the electrolysis process, which restricts the further development of ammonium persulfate in many fields. Aiming at this phenomenon, the equipment and technology to produce ammonium persulfate using electrolysis were designed and studied in order to reduce energy consumption. A new type of zero-pole distance and ion-exchange membrane industrial electrolytic cell was provided for the electrolysis production of ammonium persulfate. An ion-exchange membrane was used to separate the electrolytic cell into an anode chamber and a cathode chamber, which avoided mixing of the electrolyte and improved the electrolysis efficiency. A platinum strip was spot welded on a titanium substrate as an anode and an iridium ruthenium oxide layer was coated on a titanium substrate as a cathode. In this experiment, the influences of acid concentration, inhibitor dosage, inlet and outlet temperatures, and electrolyte concentration on the electrolytic efficiency were studied based on the design of zero-pole distance and ion-exchange membrane electrolytic cell. The results show that there were great influences on improving current efficiency and reducing tank voltage by adding acid to electrolyte and inhibitor to anodic solution. Under the optimal conditions, the current efficiency could reach 98% and the energy consumption in production process could be significantly reduced. It can be seen that such a zero-pole distance and ion-exchange membrane electrolytic cell had the advantages of high current efficiency and low energy consumption. In addition, the electrolytic cell had the advantages of continuous production and small floor space, which further solves the problem of high production cost faced by manufacturers. The application of ion-exchange membrane electrolytic cell technology in the electrolysis of ammonium persulfate is an inevitable development.

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ammonium sulfate, ammonium persulfate, ionic membrane, electrolysis, inhibitor

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