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Li-Gang Feng(ligang.feng@yzu.edu.cn)


Transition metal phosphide (TMP), as an ideal catalytic promoter in methanol fuel oxidation, has received increased attention because of its multifunctional active sites, tunable structure and composition, as well as unique physical and chemical properties and efficient multi-composition synergistic effect. Some advances have been made for this catalyst system recently. In the current review, the research progresses of transition metal phosphides (TMPs) in the assisted electrooxidation of methanol including the catalysts fabrication and their performance evaluation for methanol oxidation are reviewed. The promotion effect of TMPs has been firstly presented and the catalyst systems based on the different metal centers of TMPs are then mainly discussed. It is concluded that the TMPs can greatly promote methanol oxidation through the electronic effect and the oxyphilic property based on the bifunctional catalytic mechanism. The problems and challenges in methanol fuel oxidation by using TMPs are also described at the end with the attention being paid to the precise catalyst design. The catalytic mechanism probing and application of the fuel cells device are proposed. The current effort might be helpful to the community for novel catalyst system design and fabrication.

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transition metal phosphide, methanol oxidation reaction, promoter, electrocatalysis

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