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Yu-Feng Zhao(yufengzhao@shu.edu.cn);
Jiu-Jun Zhang(jiujun.zhang@i.shu.edu.cn)


This paper systematically summarizes the research progress of hard carbon anode materials in sodium ion batteries(SIBs) and the development of the corresponding sodium storage mechanism in recent years, and reviews the performance improvement strategies of hard carbon materials from the aspects of structural design and electrolyte regulation. The effects of the selection of precursors, carbonization temperature, pretreatment, pore formers, heteroatom doping, material compounding, electrolyte regulation and pre-sodiumization on the sodium storage performance of hard carbon anode materials are briefly described. This paper provides new insights into the design, synthesis and electrolyte
matching of high-performance and low-cost hard carbon materials, and looks forward to the direction of further research and development of SIBs hard carbon anode materials in the future.

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Sodium-ion battery, Hard carbon, Anode material, Sodium storage performance

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