The adsorption desorption behaviors of β phenylaminopropiophenone (PAP) on iron in 0.5 mol·L -1 H 2SO 4 solution with or without halide ions (Cl -,I -) were investigated by potentiostatic polarization measurement. The results show that the adsorption of PAP on iron surface follows Flory Huggins isotherm, the adsorption free energy parameter ( f ) is positive in H 2SO 4 solution; In the presence of 0.1 mol·L -1 Cl -1 , when C PAP ≤2×10 -5 mol·L -1 , f<0 and when C PAP ≥5×10 -5 mol·L -1 , f>0 . A desorption phenomenon was observed at more positive potential region in anodic polarization curves. Furthermore, the anodic desorption potential ( E des ) of PAP+X - is independent of PAP concentration at lower concentration region, and E des vs. lg C PAP is a straight line at higher concentration region. The joint adsorption modes under different conditions were determined according to the above stated relation of E des to PAP concentrations as well as the adsorption free energy parameter f values.


Iron, β phenylaminopropiophenone, Adsorption, Anodic desorption

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