Corresponding Author

Guohua Chen


The graphite AS composite electrodes, which show high electric conductivity, high mechanical strength and operationl stability, were prepared by filling and extruding the AS copolymer with graphite powder. It exhibited a substantial hydrogen overvoltage and small residual current in different electrolytes, as compared with glassy carbon electrode. The electrode was applied to the determination of traces of Pb 2+ in mineral water, Ag + in waste water and In 3+ , Cu 2+ , Pb 2+ , Cd 2+ in zinc ore, and showed high stability, reproducibility and selectivity. Owing to the existence of abundant polar functioal groups on the electrode, the electrode shows the good ability to be further modified with methylene blue by a dip coating procedure.


Polymer, Graphite, Electrode, Cyclic Voltammogram

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