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Dihua Wang


The adsorption kinetics of β-phenylaminopropiophenone (PAP) on iron electrode in 0.5 mol/L H_2SO_4 solution with or without Cl~- were investigated by chronoamperometry. According to the following adsorption kinetic equation dθ/dt=kaCen-1(1-θ)nexp(fθ/2)-kdθexp(-fθ/2)The rate constants ka, kd as well as the adsorption free energy parameter f of PAP in sulfuric acid soltuion was calculated by used a computerized curve fitting program, the calculated ka, kd are in the order of 10~-1 mol/L s~-1 and 10~-3 s-1, respectively, f>0 in the concentration region of 5×10~-5 to 1×10~-3 mol/L of PAP. While in the 0.5 mol/L H_2SO_4 solution with 0.1 mol/L Cl-,the values of ka, kd are 66 mol/L s~-1 and 1.8×10~-3 s-1, respectively, f<0 when CPAP=2×~-5 mol/L, but the ka, kd equal to 1.2×10~-2 mol/L s~-1, 4.9×10~-4 s~-1, and f>0 when CPAP=1×10~-3 mol/L. Otherwhere, authors proved that the PAP occurred electrostatic adsorption under former condition, and it is chemisorbed on the iron surface under latter condition.

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