The electrochemical behaviour of various thermal history zones on the weldment for steel 16Mn and also of the ferrite,pearlite in various zones was measured by use of a self-developed measuring technique for investigating the electrochemicl behaviour of single and mixed phase structures in metal materials.Especially the effect of stress on this electrochemical behaviour was investigated.The results showed that by comparison with non-stress condition,the free corrosion potential of the various thermal history zones and of the ferrite,pearlite under stress condition was shifted in negative direction,correspondingly their free corrosion current density was increased,the free corrosion potential difference between ferrite and pearlite was decreased obviously. After applying stress the negativest and the second negativest free corrosion potentiats between vavious thermal history zones were still for the fusion line zone and the incomplete normallized zone,which thereby were become the preferrentially corroded locations on the weldment as a corrosion cell.The stress accelerated corrosion course that did act not through inceasing free corrsion potential difference between ferrite and pearlite,but through enhancing the electrochemical activity of the relevant micro zone and/or phase strueture.


Low alloy steel, Weldment, Phase electrochemistry, Stress, Nitrate solution

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