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Hongfeng Xu


Separating the functions of current collection and gas flow distribution and then to design two separate elements to achieve the desired performance characteristics,a nonconventional cell structure for proton exchange membrane fuel cells bave been developed.The current collector is achieved using a thin stain steel sheet,the gas flow distribution is achieved using a carbon paper that has the desired chemical durabiliy when in contact with the proton exchange membrane. Combining these two separate elements into a single divice yields a bifunctional device that performs as a bipolar separator plate. The advantages of this alternative appproach to making biplar plates are that the current collector and flow-field element can be independently optimized for performance,durability,and low cost,the flooding problem in cathode and the electronic contact resistance can be reduced.Preliminary results validate the effectiveness of this design in increasing cell performances and net power export.


Proton exchange membrane, Solid polymer electrolyte, Fuel cell

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