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Qiqin Yang


Neodymium p _toluenesulfonate was prepared and applied to the electrodepositon of neodymium_iron group alloy films. This salt has high solubility in DMF and can be dehydrated easily. Cyclic voltammograms of Pt electrode in ( p _CH 3C 6H 4SO 3) 3Nd+MCl 2(M=Fe,Co,Ni)+DMF indicated that the neodymiun_iron group alloys can be elcetrodeposited from this medium, the Nd_Fe,Nd_Co and Nd_Ni films were obtained by electrolysis at constant potential. The Nd_Fe,Nd_Co and Nd_Ni films are amorphous in which the rare earth contents are in the range of 15 at%~60 at% as analyzed by XRD and EDS. The Nd content in the deposited film increases with the shift of cathode potential to the negative direction. The deposited Nd_Co film has good soft magnetic properites and its crystallization temperature was determined as 468.3 ℃.


Neodymium p _toluenesulfonate, Alloy films of neodymium_iron group, Electrodeposition, Organic electrolytes

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