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Fuxing Gan


Some new results on the adsorption stability of interface corrosion inhibitor are presented. The concept of adsorption stability and the factors influencing the adsorption stability were discussed. It is shown that the anodic desorption potential can be employed to evaluate the adsorption stability of the inhibitor as an empirical character in some conditions. Electrochemical oscillations phenomena were observed for the first time on a rotating iron electrode in H2SO4 solution containing organic inhibitor in the active potential region. These potentiostatic current oscillations can occur under cathodic polarization, as well as under anodic plarization. The oscillation period, amplitude, incubation time and waveform changed with the applied potential and electrode rotating speed. The oscillations sustained even with strong stirring, but were inhibited by the codsorption of organic molecules and halides. This periodic behavior of oscillation may be attributed to the cycle between the partial desorptioon the iron surface. The synergistic effect of organic molecules and halides ions may enhance the adsorption stability of the inhibitor on the metal surface. A differential polarization curve method was proposed to study the adsorption stability and anodic desorption behaviors of the inhibitor.


Interface inhibitor, Adsorption stability, Anodic desorption, Electrochemical oscillation, Differential polarization curven and adsorption of the inhibitor

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