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Rufen Chen


Li 2+x Gd xSi 1-x O 3( x =0~0.15) samples have been prepared by the Sol_Gel method. The power samples were characterized by DTA_TG, XRD and TEM. Ionic conductivity of the sinter was determined by means of A_C impedance measurements. The experimental results showed that the range of solid_solution was 0< x ≤0.09, while the conductivity of samples raised with increasing amount of Gd 2O 3 added, and average grain size of samples was 80 nm. In comparing with the samples by the conventional solid state reaction, the samples prepared by Sol_Gel method required lower temperature and presented higher ionic conductivity.


Li 2+x Gd xSi 1-x O 3, Ionic conductivity, Sol_Gel method

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1   Raistrick I D, Chun Ho , Huggins R A. Ionic conductivity of so m e lithiu m silicates and alu minosilicates . J. Electroche m . Soc .,1 976 ,123(10) :1 469 2  杨 南如,余 桂郁.溶胶 - 凝胶 法的基本 原理与 过程.硅酸 盐通报 ,1992 ,11(2) :56 3   Bouka m p B A. Equivalent circuit users m anua & soft ware ( ver . 4 .51 ) University of Tw ente , the Nether Lands . 2nd , edn , 1993 4  孙 纲,杨森 等.新颖的 玻璃制 备方法:溶 胶- 凝 胶法.化 学通报,1990 ,11 :45



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